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Discovery Packaging Inc

Welcome to the World of Discovery Packaging

Discovery packaging offers a total approach to the creation and deployment of Flexible Packaging products.  We offer a wide array of custom packaging products including: Flexographic printing, plastic films, bags / pouches as well as art design services.  

Our company is a coming together of sales, marketing, product, creative and customer service expertise.  This amalgamation of business, product and resource skills gives Discovery Packaging an edge in fulfilling the customer's needs.  In addition to supplying a wide range of flexible packaging products the creation of new and effective forms of flexible packaging is also part of our skill set.  An ever changing market demands that packing needs to change to meet competitive and environmental requirements. 

Discovery Packaging Inc has recently introduced our Green Share™ line of films, bags and pouches, see the Green Share™ product section for additional information. 

Once a package has been manufactured and is in use by the customer - we are ready to offer ongoing sales service and technical advice.  Discovery Packaging is dedicated to you: the customer.  

Your needs can be met with our competitive pricing and quality products - delivered ON TIME! 

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