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Discovery Packaging Inc – Announces Two New Green Share™ Films Now Available

Environmental awareness and sustainable practices are increasingly becoming terms we hear in our business and personal lives.  Climate change concerns and global warming as well as unpredictable price fluctuations for oil/gas are beginning to accelerate the development of energy saving practices and new advanced technologies. We are starting to see new “green” developments in areas such as: solar/wind/geothermal energy generation, hybrid-electric cars, energy saving lighting, low energy building design as well as waste management and recycling. 

The packaging Industry in general has a part to play in identifying and implementing improved practices when it comes to the use of materials made with post-consumer recycled materials and sustainable renewable forms of plastic.  As a company engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of flexible packaging materials we have been actively researching and testing various “green” film alternatives over the past 16 months.  We are pleased to announce the commercial availability of two new Green Share™ films, as follows:

  • Post Consumer Recycled Polyethylene Film
  • Bio-D Compostable Film (Certified Biodegradable & Compostable)

  Green Share™ - Post Consumer Recycled Film (PCR)


Description / Content:

Contains 35 to 50% post-consumer recycled Polyethylene blended with high quality virgin resins

Gauge Range Available:

1.25 mil to 7 mil


Clear / White (custom colors available on request)

Lead Time

All film and bags supplied on a custom made basis we do not stock Green Share products at this time

Lead time: 2 to 3 weeks

Shipped anywhere in the USA or Canada

Available Forms

Side-weld bags

Zipper bags

Bottom seal bags  
(plain or printed)

Single wound sheeting (24” OD rolls)

U-Fold / J-Fold Rolls and Tubing

Film / Product Cost

About the same cost as virgin Polyethylene film depending on quantity.

Contact Discovery for custom pricing  

Green Share™ - Bio–D Compostable Film 

Description / Content:

Resin contains no conventional plastics like Polyethylene, Polypropylene or Polystyrene.  Manufactured using a proprietary sustainable/renewable blend of natural polymers and organic materials.  Meets the North American ASTM D6400 standard for Compostable films

Gauge Range Available:

1.25 mil to 7 mil


Natural color of this film is a translucent off white

White tint is available, special colors upon request  

Lead Time:

All film and bags supplied on a custom made basis we do not stock Green Share products at this time

Lead time: 4-5 weeks

Available Forms:

Bags (plain or printed)

Single wound sheeting (24” OD rolls)

U-Fold or J-Fold Rolls


Film Cost:

Approximately 2.2 to 2.5 times the cost of Polyethylene films depending on quantity.


Green Share™ is a registered trade-mark of Discovery Packaging Inc  

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Planning to "Green" up your flexible packaging, things to consider:

The four "R's" provide a useful set of principals when making material selection and flexible packaging choices.


Use the film gauge and package size that will effectively protect and transport the contents. Take the time to learn what film type and thickness will best suit your application.


Depending on the form of packaging in use - reuse packaging materials to cut down on the amount of material purchased. Resource reduction in any form is always a first step in making more sustainable choices.


Choose materials that can be recycled as part of curbside collection or via industrial waste management collection systems. Materials that can be recycled help to recover raw materials, energy and aid in reducing CO2 generation. Identify the type of material you are using to construct your packaging to help assist in the collection and sorting process.  


As a positive first step - use and identifying recyclable materials. Just as important is the choice to purchase products that contain post-consumer recycled material.  The use of PCR materials supports the entire recycling system; collection, recovery, reprocessing and resale of plastics to suppliers like Discovery Packaging that would like to offer this option to customers. If there is no support to purchase RCR film based products then the recycling system will not work effectively.   

Advice, knowledge, technical direction and sustainable material considerations are all important when making environmentally conscious flexible packaging choices.  

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