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Discovery Packaging Inc


The process of designing a new flexible film based package or updating an existing one usually requires Flexographic printing.  Discovery Packaging Inc can take you through the entire art production process from concept art right through to printing plates. Listed below are the elements that make up the art production process:

Art Concept Development

One to two art renderings are prepared to illustrate the use of graphic, color and text placement. 

Art Assembly

A product die-line is prepared to provide a template so art elements can be correctly located on the printed film.  Pictures, graphics and text are prepared in final form and added to the die-line.  

Proof Stage

A digital proof, often using a pdf file are provided for the client to do a first review. If approved, a full size color output proof is prepared for final sign off by the client. 

Printing Plates

Digital or Photopolymer plates are prepared ready to mount onto print cylinders prior to going onto to the Flexographic printing.


Package design usually requires a product concept which can include optional studio photography.  Click on the links below to see actual examples of studio photography and computer & hand rendered design layouts.   

Link Mixed Veg

Szechuan Veg Link

Breaded Chicken

Xmas Bag Link

Bean Sprot Link

Shrimp Veg Link

5 Cob Bag Link







Art Assembly

Plate Proc Unit

Plate Image Unit

Plate Drill Unit