General Purpose Flexible

Film Options

VPE-- Virgin Polyethylene
PCR-- Post - Consumer Recycled Polyethylene - (Contains 40% recycled PCR)
PP-- Virgin Polypropylene
Note: All film types available in clear and colored

Side-Weld VPE, PCR, PP, 1-8 color Flexo printing
Lemo Seal VPE, PCR, 1-8 color Flexo printing
Header Seal VPE, PCR, 1-8 color Flexo printing
Zipper Bags VPE, PCR, 1-8 color Flexo printing
Side / Bottom Gusset VPE, PCR, PP, 1-8 color Flexo printing
Bottom Seal VPE, PCR, PP, 1-8 color Flexo printing
Rapid Close - Self Seal VPE, PCR, PP, 1-8 color Flexo printing
Courier Bags VPE, PCR, 1-8 color Flexo printing
Bags on Roll - Perforated VPE, 1-4 color Flexo printing
2 Side Seal Pouch VPE, PCR, 1-8 color Flexo printing
3 Side Seal Pouch VPE, PCR, 1-8 color Flexo printing
Zipper Pouch VPE, PCR, 1-8 color Flexo printing
Pouch Seals available .250" or .375" wide
Made with mono layer or laminated films
Custom Shaped Bags Pouch Seals available .250" or .375" wide
VPE, several types of laminated films
Flexographic Printing Film Width - 8" to 60" (roll to roll printing)
Up to 8 colors - Line and Process
Surface & Reverse Printing
Digital and Photopolymer Plates- Up to 133 line Screen
Ink Base - Solvent or Water
Flexo printing available on plastic or paper
Digital Printing Max 1200 dpi, 13" web, paper labels, plastic films
Wide variety of customs films are available to meet custom packaging needs
Polyethylene LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE (Mono layer & co-ex)
Polyethylene Recycled LDPE, HDPE (30 to 50% PCR content)
Polypropylene Mono layer or Co-ex
Polyester Cast or Biaxially Oriented
Nylon Mono layer or Co-ex
Wide variety of custom laminated films are available - printed & plain
Barrier Film Polyethylene / Nylon
Structures Polyethylene / Polypropylene
Polyethylene / Polyester
Polyethylene / Polyethylene

Rapid Share Products

Rapid Close® Self-Seal Packaging

Over the past fourteen years Rapid Close® packaging has been providing a unique and effective method to package a wide variety of food and non-food items. In essence, Rapid Close™ provides a simple way of hand sealing a film-based package. The seal is achieved by pulling upwards on a release tab. This upward force opens a fold along the adhesive strip; leaving the adhesive exposed to the interior of the bag. A secure seal is made - It's simply that easy!
See video demonstration links below to see how Rapid Close® actually works.

Features of the Rapid Close® Packaging System

  • The ability to fill and seal a bag in mere seconds
  • Ideal for hand pack applications (fast and easy to use)
  • Make a bag closure on the spot without special equipment
  • Package - on person, in a car/van or warehouse location
  • No compressed air or electricity required
  • Available with permanent or reclosable adhesive
  • The adhesive and release strip are built into the bag design
  • Supplied 100 bags/grouping (cards or cable ties)
  • Printed bags available - 1-8 colors (print 1 or 2 sides)
  • Various bag stand options are available to speed up and simplify the bag filling and sealing process

Where can Rapid Close™ be Used

Market Sector

Specific Application:

  • Media and Advertising
  • Phone directory bags, newspaper bags, magazine over wraps and direct mail envelopes
  • Food Packaging
  • Grape bags, Field packaged fruit and/or vegetables, baked goods, seafood counter, and meat / deli
  • Industrial
  • Parts/hardware bags (numerous applications)
  • Courier - Delivery
  • Courier bags and envelopes
  • E-commerce
  • Liquid resistant bags, Courier bags for clothing items
  • Medical and Recreational Cannabis
  • Sealed delivery bags, growing operation transfer bags

Bag Stand Options and Rapid Close® - Advantages

  • Grouped bags are faster to handle (typically 100 bags per group)
  • The top bag is easy to open, the item(s) being packaged are super fast to load.
  • A secure bag seal can efficiently be made

Three Head Rotary Slide Out Bag Stand with Bag Support Slings

  • Can hold up to three individual bag sizes (can hold a range of sizes)
  • Unit is mounted under a work table surface to save space
  • A rotary head allows the user to quickly select the bag size, then change to an alternate bag size as needed
  • The entire unit is mounted on a slide drawer allowing the rotating head to be placed in a storage positioned under the work surface when not being used

Single Head Bag Stand with Bag Support Slings

  • Holds one bag size (can hold a range of sizes)
  • Unit is mounted on the front of the work table surface
  • Grouped bags are held by two holes in the wicket lip via two adjustable metal pins
  • Features an adjustable sling used to support the item being packaged, helps to speed up and simplify the packaging process
  • Can be secured to the work surface using C clamps or screws

Header Card Bag Grouping (100’s)

  • Holds one bag size (can hold a range of sizes)
  • Header cards can be mounted in a number of locations: under, on the front of or at the back of a work station
  • Grouped bags can be secured to a work surface using a hook, metal bracket or cord
  • The top bag is always ready to load, contents are placed in the bag, the bag is broken away from the grouping and sealed using a permanent adhesive strip

Green Share Products

Discovery Packaging Inc – Announces Green Share™ Post-Consumer Recycled Polyethylene Film

Environmental awareness and sustainable practices are increasingly becoming terms we hear in our business and personal lives. Climate change concerns and global warming as well as unpredictable price fluctuations for oil/gas are beginning to accelerate the development of energy saving practices and new advanced technologies. We are starting to see new “green” developments in areas such as: solar/wind/geothermal energy generation, hybrid-electric cars, energy saving lighting, low energy building design as well as waste management and recycling

The packaging Industry in general has a part to play in identifying and implementing improved practices when it comes to the use of materials made with post-consumer recycled materials and more sustainable renewable forms of plastic. As a company engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of flexible packaging materials we have been actively researching and testing various “green” film alternatives over the past several months. We are pleased to announce commercial availability Post-Consumer Recycled Polyethylene film bags and roll stock film.

Green Share™ - Post Consumer Recycled Film (PCR)

Description / Content

Contains 30 to 40% post-consumer recycled Polyethylene blended with high quality virgin resins. Food grade and non-food grade RCR resin is available depending on the end-use application.

Gauge Range Available

1.25 mil to 7 mil


Clear / White (custom colors available on request)

Lead Time

  • All film and bags supplied on a custom-made basis. Lead time: 4 to 5 weeks
  • Shipped anywhere in the USA or Canada

Available Forms


  • Side-weld bags
  • Zipper Bags
  • Self-Seal (adhesive seal used)
  • Courier bags
  • Bottom seal bags
  • Available plain or printed

Roll Stock:

  • Single wound sheeting (24” OD rolls)
  • U-Fold / J-Fold Rolls and Tubing

Film / Product Cost:

  • About the same cost as virgin Polyethylene film depending on quantity.
  • Contact Discovery for custom pricing

Planning to "Green" up your flexible packaging, things to consider:

The four "R's" provide a useful set of principals when making material selection and flexible packaging choices.


Use the film gauge and package size that will effectively protect and transport your packaging contents. Take the time to learn what film type of film and thickness will best suit your application.


Depending on the form of packaging in use - reuse packaging materials to cut down on the amount of material purchased. Resource reduction in any form is always a first step in making more sustainable choices.


Choose materials that can be recycled as part of curbside collection or via industrial waste management collection systems. Materials that can be recycled help to recover raw materials, energy and aid in reducing CO2 generation. Identify the type of material you are using with a printed logo to help assist in the collection and sorting process.


As a positive first step - use and identifying recyclable materials. Just as important is the choice to purchase products that contain post-consumer recycled material. The use of PCR materials supports the entire recycling system; collection, recovery, reprocessing and resale of plastics to suppliers like Discovery Packaging that would like to offer this option to customers. If there is no support to purchase RCR content film-based products, then the recycling system will not work effectively.

Advice, knowledge, technical direction and sustainable material considerations are all important when making environmentally conscious flexible packaging choices. There are options if you take the time to learn what is available and make the first steps to purchase these products.